How Much Does It Cost For Car Key Duplication?

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Having a duplicate car key will reduce the chances of being stuck inside or outside of your car. Various factors affect the cost of car key duplication.

Type of keys

The car model determines the type of key blank that should be used. In some cases, the key blank’s brand is the regular cost of other key blanks. The cost increases when you need a duplicate key for a luxury car, an old car model or key with additional features that traditional keys don’t have. For more info visit


The cost of duplicating car keys depends on where the duplication is done. If you take the key to the nearest hardware store, you will find someone to help you. Many hardware store employees, however, are only trained to insert your car key into a machine to create a duplicate. They don’t have enough experience and expertise to give you proper advice on your purchase. If you take the key to your car dealership or trusted local locksmith, you will be assisted by experts who have been trained to duplicate keys. They also have a more extensive selection of key blanks. Car key duplication cost is also influenced by the average cost of local competitors, the wholesale cost incurred for key blanks and special rates in the area.

Car key duplicator machine used

The duplication machine used affects the time that’s required to duplicate the key, how complicated the process will be and the precision of the key cuts. If it takes a long time to duplicate keys, the cost will be higher as well.

If you go to a local hardware store, you may need to pay $1.25 to $2 to get your car keys duplicated. However, a local hardware store can only duplicate standard or basic keys. If you take your car keys to a locksmith, you may need to pay $1.50 to $4. Their selection of key blanks is wide. At locksmith shops, the cost of duplicating keys with extra features usually starts at $120. If you take the keys to the car dealership, expect to pay $150 or more. The difference in prices is mostly because automotive dealers don’t replace basic car keys. They usually work with key fobs or transponder keys.

If your car key has to undergo additional services, the cost of duplicating it will be higher as well. For instance, if your car keys use transponder chips, you need to consider the cost of programming as well. At local locksmith shops, programming a transponder key usually costs between $30 and $75. In some instances, the cost might be higher.

You can look through the car manual or do your research online to understand better the cost of duplicating car keys. The car owner manual can help you determine whether the key you’re using is a traditional key or not. Traditional keys are the easiest and most affordable to make as they don’t have extra features. However, most cars nowadays use transponder chips, switchblade keys, key fobs or remote parts.


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