Common Lock Issues and Fix

Posted by: | Posted on: December 23, 2018
Common Lock Issues and Fix

Dealing with faulty locks? Don’t get troubled. Most lock problems can be corrected before they become serious. Lock issues are commonly caused by malfunctioning lock mechanism or latch. To make it easier for you to identify the real source of the problem and solve it, below are some common lock issues that you may experience and how to repair them.


Loose door knob 


Doorknobs tend to become loose from time to time. But this is a common lock problem that can be repaired easily. All you have to do is to tighten the screws and you are good to go. However, the methods of tightening may depend on your type of lockset. Make sure to read the lock manual thoroughly and use it as a guide when assembling, disassembling, or troubleshooting your locks. For more info visit


Lock is working slowly 


Over time, your locks accumulate dirt and dust. These particles can jam your locks, which could prevent them from functioning smoothly and properly. If you notice that your lock is working slowly, then applying a lubricant will solve the issue. Lubricating your locks enable you to eliminate all the particles inside your lock mechanism, allowing your locks to work properly again. It is very important to lubricate your lock at least twice a year to keep them in tip-top condition.


Key broke in the lock 


Breaking a key in half while locking or unlocking a door is one of the most common lock problems most homeowner’s face. Fortunately, this isn’t really a big deal, and it is easy to fix. All you need is a plier and patient.


You start by gently gripping the key and slowly pulling it out of the lock. As much as possible, avoid putting to much force and don’t force the key to turn as this could damage the internal mechanism of the lock. Instead, take your time and be gentle during the whole process. If the broken key is not coming off, disassemble the locks to make it easier for you to remove it.


Lock does not latch properly 


This issue is typically caused by a misaligned strike plate and latch. You want to tighten all the hinge screws and adjust the strike plate to align the latch properly.


Well, there you go. These are the usual lock issues that you may face in the future. Consider this as a guide when you are having issues with your locks to make it easier for you to troubleshoot the main source of your lock problems.

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