Spare Keys: Where to Keep Them Handy

Posted by: | Posted on: December 3, 2018
Spare Keys: Where to Keep Them Handy

Misplacing or losing your house or office keys is never a good situation. Without having spare keys, the risk of getting locked out of your commercial or residential property will increase. This is why it is very important to always have a spare key in case you accidentally lose or misplace the original keys to access your property. If you’re curious and wondering where you can keep your spare keys in handy, then read on from the pros at

Wallet or purse

You are more likely to lose your keys if you leave it in your pocket. But with a purse or wallet, you don’t have to worry about your spare keys falling out of your pocket. As much as possible, always bring a purse to keep the keys safe and for easy access. Just make sure not to lose your wallet.

Someone you trust 

One of the best places to leave your spare keys is in the hand of someone you really trust. This might be your good friend, a family member, or your neighbor. It should be someone you actually trust as well as someone who can easily reach and assist you in case of an emergency such as a lockout. Doing this will allow you to access the spare key quickly and effortlessly.

In a safe 

Keeping the keys in a safe deposit box allows you to keep your spare key safe. Although you may not be able to access it quickly, you can secure your keys better. Of course, don’t forget to hide the safe in somewhere safe. The only disadvantage of hiding a key in the safe is that you won’t be able to access it when you lost or forgot the combination to unlock the safe deposit box, but it still gets the job done in the end.

In your car or house 

If you want to access your spare keys quickly, then hiding it in your vehicle or house will do. This will allow to always have an access to your keys whenever you require it. However, be very careful where you hide the keys. Just do your best to avoid hiding the spare in a spot where they can easily be found. Be creative and take your time finding a good hiding spot.


There are many places you can hide your spare keys to keep them protected and above you can see some of them. If you lost your keys or you can’t get locked out of your property but you don’t have any spare key around, don’t get troubled. Simply contact a reliable locksmith and you’re good to go.

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