Should you get a Wi-fi door lock?

Posted by: | Posted on: October 24, 2018

The smart door locks or Wi-Fi door locks are becoming more and more popular over time. These locks provide lots of features and they have become a huge part of the smart home movement. But here’s the question: what are Wi-Fi door locks and how do they work? Let our experts in tackle that below, shall we?

Wi-fi door lock

Wi-Fi door lock: What is it?

A Wi-Fi lock is a lock that uses Wi-Fi connectivity to interact with other devices. With these locks, you have the power to unlock locks even without you physically touching or opening it. This can be done by simply installing an application on your smartphone or via fob.

The door automatically unlocks if your phone or fob is near the lock. Although these locks may sound very intimidating and complicated, they are actually really simple. In fact, they provide more benefits that you can imagine.

The benefits of smart door locks

Advanced locks are commonly installed in commercial properties and other areas that require an additional security. But why? Smart locks allow you to check each individual who enters and leaves into a certain place.

In addition, you can control which person is permitted to enter, boosting the security of your office. Some advanced locks come with a corresponding app on mobile phones that delivers a range of features such as providing notifications through e-mail or text when someone has accessed the door.     

So, should you get a Wi-fi door lock? Well, that’s for sure! After all, most of us have a smartphone device which we used every day. Adding smart locks into your home or office enables you to get in or out of a property conveniently. And since these smart locks will notify you in case someone broke in your property, you will know who has the access to your home as easy as a piece of cake.

But before you decide to use a smart door lock, keep in mind that they are quite expensive than a traditional lock. Although Wi-Fi door locks come with a price, it is worth it in the end. With advanced locks, losing or misplacing keys and getting locked out will never be a problem anymore. All you have to do is to grab your smartphone device or fob and you should be able to open the door in no time without calling a locksmith.

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