Spare Keys: Where to Keep Them Handy

Misplacing or losing your house or office keys is never a good situation. Without having spare keys, the risk of getting locked out of your commercial or residential property will increase. This is why it is very important to always have a spare key in case you accidentally lose or misplace the original keys to access your property. If you’re curious and wondering where you can keep your spare keys in handy, then read on from the pros at

Wallet or purse

You are more likely to lose your keys if you leave it in your pocket. But with a purse or wallet, you don’t have to worry about your spare keys falling out of your pocket. As much as possible, always bring a purse to keep the keys safe and for easy access. Just make sure not to lose your wallet.

Someone you trust 

One of the best places to leave your spare keys is in the hand of someone you really trust. This might be your good friend, a family member, or your neighbor. It should be someone you actually trust as well as someone who can easily reach and assist you in case of an emergency such as a lockout. Doing this will allow you to access the spare key quickly and effortlessly.

In a safe 

Keeping the keys in a safe deposit box allows you to keep your spare key safe. Although you may not be able to access it quickly, you can secure your keys better. Of course, don’t forget to hide the safe in somewhere safe. The only disadvantage of hiding a key in the safe is that you won’t be able to access it when you lost or forgot the combination to unlock the safe deposit box, but it still gets the job done in the end.

In your car or house 

If you want to access your spare keys quickly, then hiding it in your vehicle or house will do. This will allow to always have an access to your keys whenever you require it. However, be very careful where you hide the keys. Just do your best to avoid hiding the spare in a spot where they can easily be found. Be creative and take your time finding a good hiding spot.


There are many places you can hide your spare keys to keep them protected and above you can see some of them. If you lost your keys or you can’t get locked out of your property but you don’t have any spare key around, don’t get troubled. Simply contact a reliable locksmith and you’re good to go.

Should you get a Wi-fi door lock?

The smart door locks or Wi-Fi door locks are becoming more and more popular over time. These locks provide lots of features and they have become a huge part of the smart home movement. But here’s the question: what are Wi-Fi door locks and how do they work? Let our experts in tackle that below, shall we?

Wi-fi door lock

Wi-Fi door lock: What is it?

A Wi-Fi lock is a lock that uses Wi-Fi connectivity to interact with other devices. With these locks, you have the power to unlock locks even without you physically touching or opening it. This can be done by simply installing an application on your smartphone or via fob.

The door automatically unlocks if your phone or fob is near the lock. Although these locks may sound very intimidating and complicated, they are actually really simple. In fact, they provide more benefits that you can imagine.

The benefits of smart door locks

Advanced locks are commonly installed in commercial properties and other areas that require an additional security. But why? Smart locks allow you to check each individual who enters and leaves into a certain place.

In addition, you can control which person is permitted to enter, boosting the security of your office. Some advanced locks come with a corresponding app on mobile phones that delivers a range of features such as providing notifications through e-mail or text when someone has accessed the door.     

So, should you get a Wi-fi door lock? Well, that’s for sure! After all, most of us have a smartphone device which we used every day. Adding smart locks into your home or office enables you to get in or out of a property conveniently. And since these smart locks will notify you in case someone broke in your property, you will know who has the access to your home as easy as a piece of cake.

But before you decide to use a smart door lock, keep in mind that they are quite expensive than a traditional lock. Although Wi-Fi door locks come with a price, it is worth it in the end. With advanced locks, losing or misplacing keys and getting locked out will never be a problem anymore. All you have to do is to grab your smartphone device or fob and you should be able to open the door in no time without calling a locksmith.

Reasons Why Your Key Refuses to Turn in the Ignition

It can be very frustrating and stressful when you insert your car key into the ignition and it does not turn. You can’t force the key to turn the ignition because you know that you are going to damage or break something if you do. Don’t get troubled. Fortunately, most ignition key problems are common and easy to fix. There are several reasons why your car’s ignition won’t turn. If you are curious and want to know the reasons why your key refuses to turn in the ignition of your car, then better read on the find out.

Reasons Why Your Key Refuses to Turn in the Ignition

Damaged key

One of the most common reasons why car owners find it hard to turn the ignition is due to damaged keys. Although it’s no doubt that vehicle keys are quite durable, keep in mind that they are not indestructible. Inspect your key and watch for any wear, bent areas, or damage. If you find any damage to your key, don’t hesitate to get it replaced as soon as possible. You can always call a reliable locksmith for a fast, affordable, and effective car key replacement.

Faulty or damaged ignition lock cylinder

You will need to get a professional locksmith if your ignition lock cylinder is worn out or damaged. While you can do the entire process yourself, you might only cause more harm than good, especially if you don’t know how to properly repair a faulty ignition cylinder. In addition, this takes lots of time, effort, and patience. It would be the best option to call an expert to get the job done correctly and successfully.

Your steering wheel is locked

Most modern vehicles are provided with a built-in safety feature that automatically locks the steering wheel if the car isn’t running. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic. All you have to do is to insert the key into the ignition, turn the steering wheel on the side and apply a bit of pressure and at the same time turn the key. You should be able to unlock your ignition immediately once done right.

Debris or dirt

Dirt and debris can cause an ignition to not turn. Obstructions like foods, dirt, or lint can lead to ignition won’t turning key. Try clearing the obstructions using your hand and blow the cylinder gently with a can of compressed air. In addition, do not and never spray cleaning fluid into the car’s cylinder as this can damage the security features of your vehicle if it has any.

Why Do Car Owners Need Automotive Locksmiths

Dealing with any car lock or key problems? Don’t get troubled. All you have to do is to contact a reliable auto locksmith and you should be fine. Whether you require an urgent key replacement or you got locked out of your vehicle in the middle of the night, it’s best to reach out to a professional locksmith to solve your auto locksmith issues in no time. Here we’ll show you some reasons why car owners need automotive locksmiths.

Why Do Car Owners Need Automotive Locksmiths

You’ve misplaced or lost your keys

Losing and misplacing your car keys can be extremely stressful and frustrating. The process also takes lots of time since finding lost keys isn’t an easy task. What more if you find your keys inside your locked car? Well, that’s a real issue. Fortunately, a certified locksmith can help you get a new key fast to get you back behind the wheels quickly.

You’re dealing with a car lockout

Lost your car keys and got locked out of your car at an inconvenient time? That’s a serious problem. Not only that this can consume lots of your time, dealing with a lockout can sometimes be dangerous in some cases. When you’re in such situation, seek for a help of a qualified locksmith to get out of your car.

You need an immediate key replacement

While you can get a new key replacement on your car’s dealership and local automotive mechanics, the process usually takes the time as well as cost you a lot compared to hiring an auto locksmith. Automotive locksmiths can replace your keys fast and effectively. In fact, it only takes them a few minutes to get the job done properly and successfully.

Your key is broken and stuck into your car’s ignition

Removing broken keys from the ignition of your car yourself can cause more harm than good. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to call a certified auto locksmith as they have the right skills, knowledge, and tools to handle all your auto locksmith issues.

You need a general maintenance service

Auto locksmiths can protect your car as well as keep it in tip-top condition. Just like any other material things, your car’s ignition and door locks can wear and tear over time. These things should be replaced regularly in order to perform well. Thankfully, auto locksmiths are always there to provide maintenance for your car. Don’t hesitate to call a qualified auto locksmith if you require a regular inspection or an ignition or key replacement.


Before You DIY_ 5 Dangers of Breaking into Your Own Car

Locked your keys in your car and can’t unlock the doors? That’s frustrating and very stressful. The only way you can get back into your car is to either call a professional’s help or break into your own car yourself. But before you decide to DIY and break into your car to get the key out, keep in mind that there are dangers of trying to break in yourself. Today, we are going to show you the risks of breaking into your own vehicle. Let’s get into the details below, shall we?

There’s a chance you might get hurt

The process of opening the door of your car using screwdrivers or crowbar might seem easy. However, the chance of you hurting yourself is there. Yes, you could get hurt by breaking into your car. While you can use everyday tools to unlock and open your car door, don’t forget that the risk of your grip slipping and stabbing yourself in the arm is always there. It would be best to call a professional locksmith to make it easier and safer for you to get in or out of your car.

5 Dangers of Breaking into Your Own Car

You might damage your car

Breaking into cars often requires tools, strength, and force. There are many ways to unlock your car. You can break or smash the windows, locks, and the window mechanism. However, you could damage your vehicle during the process. The risk of you scratching or damaging your car’s body and paint is also there. Replacing and repairing these parts can cost you lots of money. But if you want to save money and avoid damaging your vehicle, reach out to a certified locksmith and you’re good to go.

You might get into a legal problem

If a police see you while you are breaking into your car, they might assume that you’re a car thief. Well, nothing will happen to you — that if you have your registration, driver’s license and other necessary information with you. If you fail to provide an explanation and enough information, this could result in real legal issue.

You’ll find the process harder

Breaking into a vehicle is not as easy as you think, especially today since most modern cars are equipped with anti-theft technology. If you know how to properly and successfully open a locked car door or break a car window, breaking into your own car will be a breeze. If not, then you might have a hard time doing it — better leave it to the professionals instead.

You won’t get insurance coverage

Automotive insurance doesn’t cover insurance for intentional acts. This alone is a big risk, especially if you’re tight on budget and don’t have enough money to repair or replace your car parts after breaking into your vehicle.